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B i o g r a p h y

He is often mistaken for the bouncer, security guard or bachelorette party stripper but rarely a comedian…until he takes the stage. With his passion for comedy and a personality that you can’t help but be drawn to, Sean P takes any stage with a mic and makes the audience his own. Sean is immediately likable and will draw you in with his ability to tell stories that make you feel like you were there. Don’t let his relaxed style fool you, he will come out blazing and have you laughing until your whole body hurts.


Born in San Diego and raised in the Bay Area of California this comedian has been exploding on the comedy scene for the last 14 years. With a Polynesian background he has adapted to all styles and types of comedy. Sean is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and actually got his comedy start while serving his country. As an instructor on the shooting range his philosophy was “better to have them happy while they were walking around with loaded weapons…you want people in the right state of mind.” With that his comedy career was born.


From performing clean comedy shows to working blue, Sean can adapt to it all. His comedy is high energy from beginning to end no matter what style of comedy. Crowd work is his specialty and any audience member having seen Sean will feel like they’ve been part of the show. Sean is a performer for all ages and everyone to enjoy. 

"Comedy to me is not just an Art but a strong form of expression"....."We're not just entertainers, we are folks that help others laugh and smile when they thought they didnt want to"....."We take our silliness seriously"  - Sean Peabody
Sean has performed all over the world including for the troops overseas. He has enjoyed working with comedy greats before him such as Robin Williams, John Witherspoon, Tommy Davidson, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jimmy Walker and many, many more.
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